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Single Black Female: What’s your opinion?

Lately, many negative articles have surfaced about black females, which includes a report from Okcupid. According to 2009 Census, seventy percent black women are single and forty-two percent have never been married in the U.S. So, what’s the taboo? On May 15, 2011, Satoshi Kanazawa wrote in The Scientific Fundamentalist reasons why black women are … Continue reading

Thirty and Thriving?

I entered my thirties as I entered my twenties, excited and geared towards better years to come. I never gave attention to how much I had accomplished. My daily routine had always been work, school, and home. Occasionally, I would visit Barnes and Noble for a new read or the local restaurants to enjoy new cuisines, but never too … Continue reading


I am a modern woman, but I grew up very traditional. I believe the concepts of marriage have been tarnished over the years. There are immature ideas of love that have been magnified into something unrealistic and overly romantic. Love is not perfect and it is not always romantic. So many young people are seeking … Continue reading


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